Sources for market potential calculations

1Global adult population (> 20 years old) – 5 billion peopleLink
2Population in Europe (> 20 years old) – 78.8 % of 747,636,045 = 589,137,203Link
3Population in the US (> 20 years old) – 75.2 % of 331,002,647 = 248,913,991Link
4Population in Canada (> 20 years old) – 78.8% of 37,742,157 = 29,740,820Link
5Population in Australia (> 20 years old) – 74.7 % of 30,322,114 = 22,650,619Link
6Raynaud’s disease often begins between ages 15 and 25.Link
7As many as one in 10 people may have some form of Raynaud’s. Most have primary Raynaud’s. About one person in 100, or fewer, will have secondary Raynaud’s.Link
8It is estimated that 20% of adults worldwide suffer from pain.Link
990 million cars produced per yearLink
10According to a 2011 article in The Legal Examiner, approximately 30 per cent of cars on the road today have heated seats.Link
11Fuel types of new cars: battery electric 11.9%, hybrid 22.6% and petrol 37.8% market share in Q3 2022Link
12civilian workers in Europe = 190 millionLink
13civilian workers in the US = 157 millionLink
14civilian workers in Canada = 15 millionLink
15In 2020, 4.3 percent of civilian workers were required to spend more than two-thirds of their workday outdoors.Link
16Around 1000 commercial planes built per yearLink
174-12 rows of business class seats on average (per row, 3 to 10 seats); therefore anything from 12 to 120 business class seats per plane; that is on average 54 seatsLink
18While first class may have just six or eight seats, business class cabins typically have a few dozenLink
19125 million people ski and snowboardLink
20In Europe, there are a total of 6.7 million hunters who provide an economic output estimated at EUR 16 billion.Link
2115 million hunters in the USLink
225.7 million hunters and Co. in CanadaLink
2355 million fishers in the US (as sport, recreational)Link
24In the past 12 months, the British Equestrian Trade Association estimates that 3.5 million people have ridden a horse at least once in the past 12 months, about 15 million people around the world will ride a horse at least once in the next 12 months.Link
25Overall, there were over 883,100 motorcycles registered in the key markets of the European Union in 2020, an increase of around one percent year-on-year.Link
268.317 million motorcyclists in the USLink
27In 2017, just under 720,550 motorcycles and mopeds were registered in CanadaLink
284 million golfers in EuropeLink
2925 million golfers in the USLink
305.7 million golfers in CanadaLink