qCella presented its innovative heating mats at the booth of ETH Zurich at the Swiss Textiles Innovation Day at EMPA in Dübendorf.

qCella will be supported by the prestigious Gebert Rüf Stiftung (GRS) and its support program InnoBooster (CHF 150’000) over the next 12 months to make the qCella heating mats market-entry ready. Find the project description here. „Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports university-based, high-potential businesses from the Venture Kick program with the aim of substantially accelerating their market entry.“ Gebert …

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Thank you ETH Entrepreneurship for featuring qCella and part of its team in the new marketing campaign for the Pioneer Fellowship Deep-​Tech Acceleration Program of ETH Zürich. What an honor! Our co-founding team benefits immensely from the great support provided by the team behind the fellowship, ETH Entrepreneurship, the ETH Foundation as well as our amazing coach.

The qCella team won The Boost, which was organized by the ETH Entrepreneur Club and the ETH Juniors. The prize money will be used to incorporate qCella as an AG. We also took the opportunity to introduce the complete co-founding team of qCella for the first time: Murielle Schreck, Fabian Schmid and Weyde Lin.

qCella was at the startup days in Bern on May, 25, 2023! Murielle Schreck and Fabian Schmid presented our paper-thin and homogeneously heating mats at the ETH Entrepreneurship booth and told people all about how we (re)shape heating of products like heated car seats, clothing and shoes.

Murielle Schreck of qCella attended the START Summit 2023 in St. Gallen, Europe’s leading student-run startup conference by START Global! 

qCelle receives CHF 40’000 and advances to the next stage of Venture Kick. qCella’s profile on the Venture Kick website:

Two of qCella’s co-founders (Fabian Schmid and Murielle Schreck) received the ETH Zürich Pioneer Fellowship. The support of CHF 150’000 goes into the further development of our next generation heating solutions for textiles and more.

qCelle receives CHF 10’000 and advances to the next stage of Venture Kick. qCella’s profile on the Venture Kick website:

“The BRIDGE funding programme is a cooperation between Innosuisse  – Schweizerische Agentur für Innovationsförderung and the SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation.” The Bridge Proof of Concept will partially fund qCella for the next 12 months. It will cover salaries and expenses directly related to the execution of the project up to a maximum of 130’000 Swiss francs …

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